Meet Lee

by Lee



released October 1, 2008

All songs produced by Lee except where noted

So produced by Aaron Fishbein for The Franchise

Just Watch produced by oOgo for La Fine Equipe

Drum programming – Lee

Additional drum programming - Mike Rens

Drum programming on So by Aaron Fishbein

Drum programming on Just Watch by oOgo

All songs recorded and engineered by Tommy Harron except where noted

All songs mixed by Russ Benezer and Brian Campbell for A4 Productions, Pembroke Pines, Florida except where noted

So recorded, engineered and mixed by Aaron Fishbein for The Franchise, Miami Beach, Florida

Just Watch recorded, engineered and mixed by oOgo for La Fine Equipe, Marseilles, France

Horns for Just Watch recorded by Tommy Harron

Additional mixing for Just Watch by Russ Benezer and Brian Campbell for A4 Productions, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Bosendorf piano, cellos, and violins recorded at Casanova Studios, Brooklyn, New York

Horns recorded at Monsterland Studio, Brooklyn, New York

Additional violins on Sometimes recorded at Monsterland Studio, Brooklyn, New York

All vocals, flute and clarinet recorded at Lee’s house, Brooklyn, NY

All electric bass recorded at Tommy’s house, Brooklyn, NY

Back 2 Love guitars recorded at Monsterland Studio, Brooklyn, New York

Liberate Me and Gotta Get By guitars recorded at Lee’s house by Lee

All other guitars recorded by Paul Cabri

Additional cello on Move recorded at Sascha Groschang’s house by Patrick Thomas

Nacido Libre Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Lee New York, New York

His name is Lee.

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Track Name: Whole New Level
You know, back once more/ It’s the herbivore
It’s time to take it to the stage/ This is the dawning of the age
You know it might sound kinda different to you
Still and all don’t know what it’s called
But it’s surely coming through
To be absorbed by your thoughts some lessons to be taught
To generations make men comprehend/ Make me understand
That I will do what I do to exercise the plan
The flies in the pan they can’t eat the leftovers
But you want to better yourself so bring yourself over
To this new light/ you might feel better for having done so
Enrollment in classes began a quarter after one so
One human in physical form was born into enlightenment
I let the water take its course no need for me to be fighting it
I'm writing it down carry by the sounds to the masses
The power of persuasion/The art of moving assess
Molasses couldn’t be as thick as this vibe
You hearing these words over rhythms
You hearing this dip/ hearing this dive
Hearing the slip and the slide
Of the tongue of one hundred seasons
Of one hundred reasons
For me to bring this pseudo sorta sing this
It’s ‘cause God is telling me so
It’s ‘cause I got the silky voice no need for yelling my flow
I'm letting it go/ I'm saying it’s so
I'm feelin’ kinda right/ I'm fiending for the light
To glow so it’ll be so
These visions that I'm feeling
Knowing that it’s real and
You know I've talked to some people feeling kinda how I do
So we‘ve captured this forum to bring about the true
The oneness I've done this speech a million times
But I can’t change what I'm feeling to impress the friends of mine
I hafta answer to myself/ I cannot cancer no one else
With ignorance and guns/ even if for fun


I gotta take you to a whole new level
Protective positive people with a plan to do away with the devil
I gotta show and let you know
That there’s a better path for you to travel
So I unravel rhymes giving reasons
For you to go to a whole new level
Planting seeds for what you need so your head will
Elevate to another state another plain
The rain ceases to exist
Breaking through the mist with a whole new level
I hafta answer to myself/ I cannot cancer no one else
With ignorance and guns/ even if for fun
That’s not my method though I am a man with a plan/ with conviction
Taking a stand/ now here’s a true named clan
The collective in perspective I'm pooling all my thoughts
Teaching the true/ that’s what Corinthians taught
And now I will show you the most excellent way
Love is patient/ Love is kind
It doesn’t envy/ it doesn’t boast
It has no pride/ it’s not rude
It’s not self-seeking/ it’s not easily angered
You see it keeps no records of wrong
Love it enables me to do this song
So move it along and step into the realm
Of what will become
Self actualization for me and everyone
If you want your one God
That’s good
Go and be odd
But drop and “d” it’s for the demons
Remember one hundred reasons


So move it along/ Step into the realm of what will become
Self actualization for you and everyone
If you want your one God/ That’s good
But go and be odd/ Drop and “d” it’s for the demons
Remember one hundred reasons
For me to bring this song
It’s ‘cause good is telling me so
No need for yelling my flow
I got them 99 more verses so that we can curse this
Damn this damage/ back the original plan is that
Inundation/ saturation
You know love it never fails
It perseveres/ it always hopes it always trusts
Protects so let’s go to the next
When I was a child/ You know I talked like a child
I reasoned like a child/ I thought like a child
But now as a man I put those childhood ways behind me
I’m stepping into a new realm if you wanna know where to find me

Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I wish that I wasn't so shy
Then to talk to you I wouldn't have to get high
Sometimes I wish that I believed in myself
Then I wouldn't need reassurance from no one else
Sometimes I wish that I didn't fear so much
Didn't have these voices in my head and have to hear so much
Sometimes I wish that I could feel your touch
But other times I wish that you‘d leave me alone
Sometimes I wish that life was never-ending
And that this was like a movie filmed in black and white
With shades of blue
These shades of you and me making me wish that just Sometimes
Sometimes I wish that it was me instead of him
Sometimes I wish that we were freed from the grim
Sometimes kind of real that we’re forced to feel
Sometimes I wish that it would all just stop


Sometimes/ When it rains I feel so alive
Sometimes/ When it shinesI lose my damned mind
And sometimes/ When I laughI really want to cry
Sometimes/ I’m happy and I don’t know why
Sometimes 4x

Sometimes I wish that raindrops would fall
But then sometimes are like most of the times after all
Sometimes I wish that you would answer when I call
But then I’d want sometimes to be always
Sometimes I wish that they understood me more
Sometimes I wish I knew what I was fighting for
My sometimes is never/ It’s always or maybe
Most times I lose my mind and find that I’m just crazy
When I get to writin’ - nowadays most times it’s rarely
Maybe in a way I fear that my thoughts my scare me
But then again to make sense is me barely
I wish that I could live this life so carefree
But be sure when I pen choose my words carefully
Knowing you get what you wish for and that you care for me
Caress me and let me be until freedom I find
Lost like a child in the woods I search to find sometimes


Sometimes I embrace failure before success
It’s those time when I don’t have to put my mind to test
Those times when I’m at ease and put my mind at rest
Wonder why it has to be about fear to achieve
Fear to believe/ I let my heart deceive
Things my mind knows so I’m afraid to grow
Sometimes I don’t challenge that much
I stay stuck in this rut
End up here until the end of all time
I stall sometimes never wanting to get started
So if I fail I never end up brokenhearted
But always have an excuse
Sometimes it gets hard
To believe in myself like I believe in God
Sometimes when I let go
I start having faith
Sometimes I want to up and go and be in a new place
Sometimes that place is outside of myself
Sometimes a place far removed
A place where I improve sometimes

Track Name: Liberate Me
It’s like a dream sometimes the way I stream these rhymes
From my clouded mind and I try to find
A meaning to my life it gives meaning to what I write
These words over beats and chords
Often before when I’d sit with a pen and I’d begin to blend
These words over naked white sheets I’d let the beat
Take me to places before never reached
Just me and my clouded thoughts
Shared with the world
Breathing these words have brought me a few girls
Few nickels and dimes – I love spitting these rhymes
My love’s teaching the blind
The truths I feel I know so we all grow
And bathe in what we sow
From the winds to the rains/ My joins and my pains
Things lost/ Things gained
Things always change/ This feeds the brain
We need to hang on for a little bit more
And see what life has in store
Until we get it right


Feel me/Touch me
Heaven won't you save me?
Move me/Freely
Won't you liberate me?

I’m on borrowed time
I had to borrow this mike to rock this freestyle
I’ll make you holler for a dollar
If you like my flow then let me rock a show
I had to be true to myself ‘cause Tony Lyfe said so
Now way back in the days we would daze and amaze
With the simple turn of a phrase
Lord help me if I’m lying then I’m dying
Now gimme this chance to spread this olive branch
A piece of my words do they can be heard
From the jungles to the ‘burbs
Just let ‘em be heard
Mediocre to some or a masterpiece
Maybe a poor man’s rhyme, but it’s the best that I could find
I’ve lived each and every line
I loved where there was none
Stood up and kissed the sun
Hugged the moon in June
Hoping to touch you soon
And if I do then we did it and life shines through
And then it shines on you
And then we get it right


I writing using metaphors and using imagery
They often say that the listeners can’t get with me
I write for those who want and need to be set free
From prejudice limitations – I do this for my nation
Those I care for who misunderstand me the most
Each spirit under the One
Each one under the sun
Each day each life and each time I breath
I find it’s true and hard not to believe
That there is something more while they speak of apathy
What I’d really like to see is y’all follow me
I’m not a sage just a fool who loves life and God
Sick of seeing my people have to try so hard
Sick of seeing lies told and the cycle turn
Wondering what one-day will make the people learn
Wondering when one day the truth will take its turn
Wondering if it’ll ever come before the story is done
We need to get it right

Track Name: So
I’m like the dawn in the morning cracking through the blinds
Embedded on the mind these thoughts I wrought
Caught on paper from ink I dab like my Dad sacrificed his genes
Genetically, phonetically I bring
From the soul butterflies and feelings of summertime
I'm gonna rhyme about whatever, baby
Like my daughter, my love, my goal, everlasting flow/ That h2o
The Aquarian herbivorous
I'm giving this one time like old days - good
Overcoming negatives, as all man should
No more hot steal to flesh
I'm gonna guess temporary insanity
Abandon the thinking of mentally sinking
Into the abyss/ Question this rhetoric
Mentally anorexic, non-nutritional
Give ‘em all food for the brain, shelter from the rain
Pouring down hard/ Not hardly the oddly viewed
Opinions are skewed from the natural
Tactical deception of inherent right and wrong
You see I put it to a song and help to correct
Help to detect negatives, sedatives to sedate animosity
Possibly I hold the cure
‘Cause I shine pure since the metamorphous
The choice it gets clearer, nearer to the end watch me amend
And kinda try to follow the flow of this lyrical aboriginal
‘Cause it’s critical for you to comprehend
These phrases when I blend made audible
It’s a freestyle so it’s affordable
Sorta metaphoric watch how I pour deep through the veins
Curing all the pains of women and men
So I'm sure to end
Harmful state existence
No matter how persistent
Make it crumble like Rome
Divided conquered and moved on
And up and out
Show you what I'm talking about
Rested for 3 days, came back they were amazed
Bare witness to the lessons and the blessings
Know that God is the catalyst so I’m now confessing
When praises are due
I present the true, the real so you can touch what I feel
Solid in form from a plus this was born
Pieces picked up, rebuilt and moved on
Step to the new dawn like to a new day to bring about a new way
With the aural array
These type of things aren’t said everyday
And if they were we should still say them anyway
‘Cause nothings guaranteed
So we sow this seed
So the soul we feed
And now we shall proceed

I’m from the home of the g-string booty shakers
The Sunshine bass’ll make the glass break
‘ll make the ass shake with the quad sound
Drop your car low with the top down
Three hundred and five decibels on the avenue
My contribution to this rap game may not be grabbing you
But I lived this life and I live these words
Representin’ for the world
Ghetto streets to the suburbs
With a voice you never heard
With the most choice of words
I choose these verbs
To fit with the nouns the way the beat pounds
For a more complete sound
Now how Lee sound?
We found something new to inspire
So it’ll light a fire
Hope it take you higher
Than you’ve ever known
So your mind’s blown
And now you seek the truth
From what I did in the booth
And these words that I pressed through the microphone mesh
Said each one to reach one like it was my last breath
To end Black death
And so it sound so fresh
I may not be the best
But I got a tight flow
Try to say it ain’t so
Track Name: Just Watch
With a dream and a smile and a dollar worth of hope
He set out to explore the world
This young boy taking on lions and tigers
About to slay these bears
With the stroke of a pen his journey would begin
Long ago, far away
Beyond the boundaries of a memory
He knew though that it would continue
On past the days of time
When all seemed lost
And the only hope was a fading dream
But to prove them wrong he carried on
He bore that cross no hope was lost
He continued on his quest
So that he could one day tell a tale of conquest
So he smiled and said…
Just watch

Contrary to the feelings he had
He knew that he had to find
A way in his heart for forgiveness
But the task was very daunting
He knew they needed him
Though they did not give him love
That he desired but he carried on
And dug deep for forgiveness
Disbelievers they all seem
To drown out dreams that walk on water
But if you part ways with falling stars
Life just ain’t worth living
So turn the volume up inside your head
Way past ten and wear a smile
Gleaming with bliss
Hold up your head
And tell them…

And in the end he begins the very place he started
Back to the front
And watch it unfold
Fight hard to hold to that rule of gold
To find his goal until days of old
These stories told are priceless sold
Those dreams so bold with dealings cold
Must break the mold not sell his soul
And then back to the front again
Believe in something
Keep feeding something
Against all odds
As it gets so hard
But no good ever came easy to no one
Fuck lotto, build your own dreams
Wade in those streams
Chant those chants
To the beat of your drum
Just dance your dance
Live your life and yell your song
They stand to the side while you keep dreaming on
Saying it ain’t gonna amount to nothing
But you lend a smile
A wink
Politely you turn and say..
Just watch…
Track Name: Ol' School Love (Reminisces_
Let this moment be a testament/ A living will of how I feel
About the days passed/ The friends we lost
Times that changed/ Families paid the cost
Let us remember just when it seemed oh, so right
Those days gone/ When did it all go wrong?
It seemed like yesteryear when I held you near
Like fresh freeze cups on a hot summer day
Let this moment play like hide and seek
Matinees in June/ We grew up too soon
If we could relive it again let it be the same way
On a rainy day we would play in the sand
We didn’t understand
Life was good/ Childhood bliss
Oh, how I reminisce
Of all the innocence/ The laughter and the pain
Full of hopes and dreams/ Why’d it have to change?


Like 8-tracks and shag rugs and blowouts and blue lights
My love for you is ol’ school ‘cause it just feels so right
Like 8-tracks and shag rugs and blowouts and blue lights
My love for you is ol’ school ‘cause it just feels so right

Let this moment commemorate/ Tell stories of what we miss
Back then so simple were all our lives
Until the crack came and things started to change
Some went away to school/ Some never made it out
Some had families/ Others faded out
To a big disease with a little name/
Babies born into it caused so much pain
It seems like yesteryear when we were so carefree
Being alive in that time was the place to be
Sun up to sunrise we ripped and ran
Alive with promise living hard as we can
Seems silly now, having no concerns
The worries of children at play
I guess I would do about anything
To have life like it was just yesterday


Let this moment be a show of love
For all the things that we can’t have back
The possibilities of bigger things to come
The leaders of tomorrow/ Now there are none
We had Sunday afternoons on the swings in the park
That’s until the guns and violence set up shop
Young boys pretend to be men until they meet their end
It’s just so sad because it just don’t stop
I had a friend named Kenny and he was my best
Like peas in a pod we’d stay
With something to prove and nothing to lose
Jealousy took Kenny’s life away
It’s such a sad state/ The lives we take
Not holding to the best of who we are
Mothers mourn the loss of their eldest sons
I thought life was to be about having fun


Now all we have left are the memories
See times they change/ Can never stay the same
We can say we were there, but let’s teach the youth
And let our lives be the living proof
We can’t bring back those we lost
But let none be in vain
Or nothing’s gained
It’s such a shame, but we hold our heads high
And learn from our past
So the dreams will last
I still love you like I love myself
I’m here for you when you need a little help
We stick together still like peas in a pod
We gonna make even if it gets a little hard
They push us, but we push a little harder
The world’s crafty, but we move a little smarter
Never alone when I’m by your side
So we put the top down and enjoy the ride with our…

Track Name: Move
Would you lay down your life for what you knew was right?
Stand on the side of the just whether Black or white?
Would you surrender your honor or continue to fight?
Would you stay strong to the cause of the common man's plight?
Blind man, better listen 'fore you lose your sight.
People cheating one another for a better chance at life.
But if you buy the shit they sell, you gonna lose the light
And you're another dealer of the dirty power brokers' blight.
Paint by numbers every summer, when we crazy with the heat.
People come together, marching, stomping up and down the street.
But when it's colder, freedom soldiers stay at home warming they feet.
Or in the club drop-poppin' to the latest ghetto beat.
Marley said, "Get up, Stand up" but you'd rather keep your seat.
Gandhi almost died of hunger 'cause his people couldn't eat.
Malcolm made us ask the questions, now we cower in retreat.
I'm ashamed to tell our fathers that we revel in defeat.


Get up/ stand up/ throw your hands up
Ev’rybody get up/ stand up move
Get up/ stand up/ throw your hands up
Ev’rybody get up/ stand up move
Get up/ stand up/ throw your hands up
Ev’rybody get up/ stand up move
Do something/ be something
Get up/ stand up/ Ev’rybody move

My suspicion is their mission is to sell into submission every miss and every mister to commission with prescriptions the fruition of the fission of the sister and the brother from the mother. They don't bother with the father (obsolete). And so their feat is to defeat what makes us weep when we can see we're on our knees and so they keep the world diseased so all we see are doctors' fees.  And we're so weak children can't eat while we compete through the fatigue and then repeat don't make a peep and live like sheep.

And so they sell us, but don't tell us, the "Americana" dream
And so we buy it and we try it - but every day it seems
We're running faster after laughter chasing after the machine
And so my stream of consciousness - a dream
And all the while pedophiles roaming 'round the Congress floor
Are passing bills on how to kill while they continue to implore
They're making sure we have to buy more things we really can't afford.
We stay in debt so we'll forget the whores of wars are making bets.


Now I know you see injustice when it flashes on TV.
And I know you are outraged at crimes against humanity
And I know you must be tired of their skewed morality
Preaching abstinence while selling sex to children purposely
And I hope you are offended by the music industry
Though they try to fill your headphones up with mediocrity
They tryin' hard to make sure y'all don't hear from men like me
And the thousands more like me who dream of how the world could be.
Let's not forget that Martin dreamt about uniting humankind
A dreams a dream but I'm a dreamer and I'm willing y'all to try
And I am no less of a man because I'm not ashamed to cry
I know the task is overwhelming, but you've got to draw the line.
Now, I ain't claiming to be Jesus turnin' water into wine,
Just a humble human being not afraid to speak my mind.
We all lookin' for the ladder; don't nobody wanna climb.
Window's closing every moment, y'all. We runnin' out of time.

Track Name: All U Need
You want fast cars/ Minks and other furs
Cartier watches/ His and hers
Champagne baths/ Trips to France
All the nicest things/ To live life like a queen
I got part-time job/ On artist income
In debt up to my neck/ Oh yeah, and then some
Ramen noodles in the cupboards/ Basic TV
Ballin’ ass rapper I just can’t be
I do my pimpin’ on a budget/ And I know you gonna love it
If you give it a try/ Things money can’t buy
My love don’t cost a thing/ You don’t need a shiny ring
Just warm hugs/ No bearskin rugs
Flavored sugar water/ Don’t you think you outta
Get with this hustler self made/ Who ain’t even paid
You don’t need red carpets and Puff Daddy
When you can get value meals and a fella like me ‘cause


I am all
All you ever need, baby

No cellular phone/ But hella student loans
No American Express/ Don’t know for Internet
But pick you up around 8/ And I can show you the world
With my Metrocard life can unfurl
Good times and love/ I have in excess
No needs in life/ That makes me blessed
‘Cause little things can make you happy/ When assets are nil
No nest egg/ Haven’t started to build
No investments/ Use my love for collateral
Don’t know for VIP/ Try to get in for free
Not saying that I don’t want it/ I’d be happy if I had
But I find my joy in living/ Life ain’t that bad
Can’t take it with me/ Enjoy what I can
Enjoy life’s little treasures/ If I can be your man
You don’t need San Tropez or even Jay-Z
When you can get strolls in the park and a fella like me ‘cause


Your girlfriend said I was broke/ Like if I should be ashamed
Well, I won’t piss in your pockets/ And tell you that it’s rain
I got dreams/ And some ideas in my head
But on intellect and wit/ I can keep you fed
If that’s enough we can build this thing
Stand here by my side/ ‘Cause one day I’ll be king
Like TI/ I’ll be the King of the South
Lex Coups and all that/ Platinum grills in my mouth
Well, maybe not, but let me show you just what I am worth
Let me be the one to hold you close when it hurts
Say little things/ That will make you smile
One day when I’m paid/ This won’t be freestyle
It’ll feed the family/ Build a nation together
Keep us tight and doing right/ In any kind of weather
No material things or Young Jeezy
When you can get an honest Black man in a fella like Lee ‘cause

Track Name: Gotta Get By
Seven days a week you speak of the comin’ week’s end/ You seek friends
You call ‘em all up to see what’s goin’ on
Plannin’ to beat the night and trip to the dawn
‘Cause it’s 6 o’clock and you got lots on your mind/ Unwind
Forget about Thursday, Wednesday and the rest
‘Cause it’s Friday and y’all that’s the best
Adios to the host of most your dull days
The weekend’s here you cheer/ It comes always
The stress, the cure/ You done found it
Your friends begin to rally around it
The night is young and you will explore
The streets they greet what you live for
The vibe is right so y’all get movin’
Tonight’s the night and it’s so soothin’ and I…


I gotta get by/ I gotta get by
I gotta go and try to do my thing 4x

You see I’m lookin’ for the outlet for the weekly suppress
Step into the strobe light gonna dance all night
Go up to the bar water down crack your tab and let’s party y’all ‘cause it’s get loose time
Feelin’ fine unwind to that steady poundin’/ Feel the vibe it grows and you start drownin’
In a sea of faces movin’ to the groove/ It’s get loose time
Small talk take a chance and you start dancin’
The deejay he plays what they people they say
What they dip and dive stayin’ alive absorbed by the soft centered melody/ You just set it free
The bourgeois they move/ but they too decay
‘But that’s okay ‘cause anyone can play
When you step into the arena of the feel good/ have fun
No one holds back/ It’s always like that and I…


I said my body is movin’ last thing on my mind right now is to punch that clock/ ‘Cause I can’t stop
It feels good to me so what the heck
Work forty hours for this to keep me in check
And I will survive until I get a chance to let loose and do it again
Sick days ain’t no ways good enough to make me feel like my old friend
I said it dates back to my childhood/ Homework, classwork now I gotta go and work some more
If I didn’t know better I would swear that workin’s all I’m livin’ for
Until my weekend swings around and picks me up when I’m down
And kisses me right on the lips
Like a faithful friend ‘til the end when I’m in need it always seems that she helps me get a grip and i…

Track Name: Diff'rent Than The Day Before
It was the way we’d fuss and fight
That’s how I knew it wasn’t right
Just a cussin’ and a yellin’/ Screamin’ through the night
Always uptight when we were speaking/ Couldn’t tell you the reason
But know now that I’m leavin’/ Knowin’ this thing is done
Whatever went wrong is something we can’t fix so let’s not stay in this
We gotta find a way out/ Can’t stand to hear you shout
So out the door I must go /I can’t stand this anymore
It’s time to leave I concede/ I gotta go I gotta go


Breakin’ up/ For makin’ up/ Won’t you please just let me go
This hurts so much/But I give up
It ain’t like it was because today is different than the day before

It was the way you said my name/ But now it brings me so much pain
It was the love we once made/ It’s now drowning in the rain
A damned shame I suppose/ But so the story goes
If there’s a thorn then there’s a rose/ Your eyes don’t lie
Don’t cry and say you’ll miss me/ Just go on and dismiss me
Let me walk away from this/ ‘Cause I don’t wanna lay in this
Bed of broken dreams/ It wasn’t what it seemed
It’s time we reconvene/ Can’t stand this anymore
I gotta go I gotta go


My sensibilities are telling me that you feel the same way
This thing done gone and fell apart it ain’t like it was yesterday
Sad as it seems these broken dreams fade like tears when you cry
What we had has long gone lost and I can’t say that I know why

It’s not the love that we shared/ Or even that we cared
More like the chances that we had/ Or that we even dared
To love so free and try this thing/ Sorry’s won’t be enough
It’s not a failure just a lesson/ Consider this a blessing
Glad we got out ‘fore it got late/ Avoided all the hate
Nothing to divide but our pride/ That’s love’s sorry state
I’ll see you next lifetime/ Maybe then we’ll get it right
But I must concede I gotta leave
Don’t wanna fight don’t wanna fight
Just let it go

Track Name: Back 2 Love
C’mere, baby/ Let me lay you down
Let me the one/ Erase your frown
Sit here, lady/ Let me ease all your pain
With these kisses/ Warm as summer rain
Let me remind you/ How a man supposed to feel
Let me caress you/ Darling, let me ease your mind
I cannot speak for other boys or what they may have done
I can be the one to take you…


Back To Love 4x

Sexy lady/ Let me touch your skin
Ooh, baby/ Let me drink you in
Just like sunshine/ You feel, oh, so warm
I can feel you start to shiver/ Let me lay you down
Let remind you/ Just how we came to be
Let me undress you/ Darling, feel me deep inside
I cannot speak or other boys or what they may have done
I can be the one to take you…


Lovely momma/ You move nice and slow
Let me enjoy this feeling that you give
So soft and wet you paralyze my very soul
Feel so damned good I can’t ever let you get leave
Let remind you/ How a man supposed to feel
Let me wet you/ Darling, you know just what I mean
I cannot speak or other boys or what they may have done
I can be the one to take you…

Track Name: The Way It Used To Be
So we turned down the lights/And we started it right
As we boogied all night/And kept the groove tight
Turn the music on to party/Everybody move your body
We infected the groove/While we make your neck move
And we checked that it’s smooth/But we tested it too
Ain’t no stoppin’ whatchu feelin’/Raise your hands up to the ceilin’
We gonna get on down/Like the old disco
Have a good time tonight/Go for what you know
Attitude to yourself/ No V.I.P.
Wave your hands in the air/ And just follow me
Electric slide/ Break, pop, or lock
Whatever you do/ Don’t let the groove stop
Man, y’all know what we came to do/ Man, y’all know that we came to move


Can we get things back the way they used to be?
The way we danced and laughed so magically
I like the way things were before when we were free
Can we get things back the way they used to be?

If you out on the floor/ We keep giving you more
So that it ain’t a bore/Whatchu waitin’ ‘round fo?r
Get to movin’ ‘cause it feels nice/ Enjoy the feeling - know it feels right
Not gone say it again/ Just let the groove get on in
And you know it’s hittin’/ We won’t soon be quittin’
All the fellas grab a lady/ C’mon y’all and let’s get crazy
Now what you hear is not a test--I'ma rapping to the beat
Me, the groove, and my friends are gonna get you outta your seat
See we came here to dance tonight/ no sense in staying mellow
From the front to the back and side to side/ shake your body
Y’all, let’s go


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