Things Change

by The Square Egg



This recording is in recognition of the many people who influenced our lives such as John Coltrane, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, El Haj Malik El-Shabbaz, George Duke, Curits Mayfield, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, The Crusaders, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Isley Brothers, The Last Poets, The Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stanley Clarke, Gil Scott Heron, Bob Marley, Sly & The Family Stone, Nile Rodgers, Rick James, Prince, Follow 4 Now, Run DMC, KRS One, Rakim, Chuck D, De La Soul, Speech, Divine Styler, PM Dawn, 24/7 Spies, Living Colour, etc.

We believe strongly that art is perhaps the truest litmus of a societyʼs development and that it serves as a true gauge of a peopleʼs intelligence and culture. When art ceases to be meaningful and progressive so, too, does that society.

We are in a Dark Age regarding thinking, creativity and
philosophy. We can only hope that a Renaissance is in our near future. Things Change.

This album is dedicated to the human spirit and all those who came before us and those who will come after us that lay it on the line for the good of all humanity. Things will change. God bless you all.

Special thanks to David Latham. Words canʼt express our appreciation for your support and ongoing encouragement.

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"And then he rested..."

Nacido Libre Music (ASCAP)


released January 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Lee New York, New York

His name is Lee.

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Track Name: The Square Egg - Pardon Me
...Now what was funny was that most of the staff and
help at the party were comrades who had recently given up the struggle; figuring we were undermanned and out-financed. They figured we were trying to liberate a people who didnʼt want to know freedom. A fire could still be seen burning in their eyes as they poured Grey Goose and Absolut for the “Gs” and “pimps” that had come to the social gathering.

Now little did they know that right outside the freedom fighters were waiting. They were waiting for us to signal that we were in position.

I never thought that Iʼd live to see the day when we would all finally rise up and look the Big Willys and the sharks, and the snakes, and the misogynists, and the exploiters and drug dealers right in the eyes. All those turned executives; weʼd look them in the face and kiss them their last goodbyes. But finally the
time was upon us...

Upon a time I scribbled and scribed
When music used to be fun
But I canʼt sing that anymore/ Itʼs time I even up the score Itʼs time I make things right for my society
Not talking about blunts I canʼt stand rappers when they front Now what done happened to those days
Of righteous rapping?
Them days is long gone/So now Iʼm hearing wack songs Whenever on my AM or corporate radio dial
Hardly ever on my face do you come to see a smile
Because Iʼm frowning/ Iʼm looking down
When I hear emcees talking about the things they got
They shit is wack But I have to come through and represent for the real Itʼs time step to the micʼ and reel and show you how I feel Itʼs time I come through and do it How it was done in the start
Itʼs time I come through and do it straight from the heart Itʼs time that I do things that sound so nice
Itʼs time that I do things thatʼs gonna be right
So pardon me, yʼall/ I got things to do
I got a life to live/ I got my life to change
So pardon me, yʼall/ I got things to do
I got a life to live/ I got my life to change
If itʼs about gats and guns and disrespecting women for fun Man, “Fuck hip-hop”
Yʼall can have it back/ ʻCause, man, I donʼt even rap
What you ainʼt know?/ Iʼm not an emcee I just rhyme a lot Iʼm on the grind a lot/ ʻCause on my mind a lot
Is this situation thatʼs kinda taxing
Iʼm talking about how Black men
Talked about how 4 white cops was beating Rodney King
But nigga, hear yourselves sing
You donʼt want change/ You want to ride in ʻThe Rangeʼ
You donʼt want liberation/ You just want a Play Station DVD
And you want to see whateverʼs on the TV
But for me, Chuck D is still my CNN/ Until we learn to win Until we all get it right
Bring back the blue light in the basement
Discuss the problems we are facing
Whatʼs wrong with the human race, man?
One day we gonna have to - uh - hold up...
Now letʼs bring it back with the hotness
To stop shit thatʼs crazy going on in this life
When the hell we gonna get it right?
No need to cuss and fight
Just stop, look and listen at whatʼs going
When it all gets you down nothing left to do
But to take a step back
Correct that/ Shut up that noise
When these men grow from boys they act responsibly
Possibly the impact will be to win back
All of our Now the truth is that you and me we gotta find a way We gotta find a day
When we donʼt wanna hear what they have to say
But thatʼs just an idea meaning follow through if you
want to But I mean if you donʼt see nothing wrong
And things around donʼt haunt you
We can leave it as it is and go about our biz
Itʼs just lives weʼre trying to change anyway
And it ainʼt important/ After all life is meaningless, right?
Track Name: The Square Egg - We Can
Hey, good morning world
What you got to off er me today?
So I can take it in stride/ Enjoy the ride
And I keep on smiling/ I keep on smiling
The weatherman predicts cloudy conditions
Conditionʼs red and Iʼve cleared my head
And I keep on smiling/ I keep on smiling
ʻCause thatʼs how I get through
You always told me to persevere/ The truth is near
And love rejoices in the truth
So I keep on smiling/ I keep on smiling
Like I said thatʼs how I get through
When times are more than even I can take love awakes
Though never resting/ I count my blessings
And I keep on smiling/ I keep on smiling
Get through and you know I have a good time...
We can dance-dance/ We can move
And I know we can have a good time
We can dance-dance/ We can move
And I know we can have a good time
Listen, I cleared my mind and took a one-year vacation
And arrived at a station
In my existence where I didnʼt have a care
ʻCause Iʼve mastered the art my life/ The art of easing
Been laying out by the pool doing things most believe
Man, like nothing/ For nearly 20 hours a day
Between work and play the areas gray for me now
By master design/ I gotta master my mind
And Iʼm gonna have a good time
So donʼt sleep until the sunrise
Donʼt listen to the falling rain
Donʼt worry about tomorrow
And donʼt worry about your pain
Donʼt cry unless youʼre happy
Donʼt smile unless youʼre blue
Never let that lonely monster take control of you
Be free and have a good time
Track Name: The Square Egg - Feelin'
You know Iʼm up around 8:00
I contemplate todayʼs journey
What I will learn will be those things that I try to absorb
Or maybe somehow apply/ Itʼs gonna be a long day
Iʼm looking at the sky/ Oh my, things gonna get kinda frisky
I call up my girl ʻcause I know she miss me
She miss my touch/ She love me so much
Iʼm gonna get hugs and kisses from my misses
And Iʼm…
Feeling sheʼs coming around about 10:00
And you know that Iʼm feeling
Today is gonna be such a beautiful blend of my feelings
And each day that I do ainʼt never the same
And Iʼm feeling
I got many good days ahead ʻcause it wonʼt rain
I walk the block I pass the cop/ He got that good news
You know he off ers up the smile
My Nubian queen is sittinʼ on the doorstep
Wave hello, continue with my country mile
You see I gotta get to my honeydew
I bundle up close and tight
Iʼm looking at the city that surrounds
The smiles and frowns
And you know me I feel all right/ And Iʼm you know that
On my parade to the shade I rest
I take a breath and I continue hiking
Iʼm thinking about my honey dew
Her love just surrounding me like wind
Breeze it eases me when presented with a gentle kiss
I cannot miss a single day with bliss
Never, no never in my life with a girl like this you know
Iʼm just a ß y in the buttermilk, I bathe
My days they grow to be better more and more
Iʼm living like a bohemian/ Iʼm living and Iʼm learning
Iʼm enjoying my today for sure
This could be that/ Itʼs that magic that tragic
Maybe she is coming around
I got no TV, no paper, no people
You know I think she came
And sheʼs here now and you got to know that Iʼm…
Track Name: The Square Egg - After The Lovinʼ
Weʼve been a lot of places seen a lot of things
But now I Þ nd it in my heart just to let this go
But know that I have no malice for you
In its own way what we had was true
Its time was the moment and that moment has gone
I guess the best solution for us is to now move on
And Þ nd better places and spaces and greener pastures
Youʼre gonna Þ nd that man
That can give you lots of laughter
And joy with very little pain
Youʼll grow into a woman/ With you thereʼs much to gain
Still it remains that this isnʼt what is meant to be
With things to learn about myself
The universe sent you to me
And I grow and I Þ nd value in myself
I find that love that can be given by no one else
I find a man capable of good if he only could
Let go and let love
Afterr the loving/ When it all seems to fade
After the loving/ Standing looking at the mess we made
After the loving/ All thatʼs left is memories of times we had
But we gotta let it go
ʻCause sometimes the future donʼt look so bad
ʻCause sometimes the future donʼt look so bad
Never regret a moment that we spent
What happened needed to happen
for greater things to come
One day weʼll look back and cherish this time we spent
Deep inside our heartʼs special place
What we had I wanted to last/ But it canʼt work out that way
I guess all we do now is gather and try to move on
So take with you the memory of the good times we had
Take with you joy in the rising of the morning sun
I canʼt cry anymore because I promised not to
I still hurt now and then because I havenʼt forgot you
You ainʼt the Mary to my Jesus anymore
This new woman cleans my feet the way that you used to
When I resurrect she wipes away all my tears
Iʼm feeling all these feelings that sometimes I canʼt explain
So I try to find a place where I can go alone
But youʼre always there with me because I still love you
Track Name: The Square Egg - Rise (featuring Q)
Now let me tell about poverty and education
Listen while I tell you about drug infestation
Water radiation
And things of that nature that we know so well
He say the problem is the world is apathy
Speak of peace and love and they just laugh at me
But I say greed and hate are just like blasphemy
Wonder why your children donʼt want for more
Now let me tell you about racism/ Yes, itʼs still alive
We all look away, but it still wonʼt duck and hide
Sometimes the most liberal of liberals have to stand
And look at it in the mirror
He say the problem in the world is that no one reads
They just watch television and let their minds bleed
Instead letʼs feed the need for the seed to grow
And make better decisions for our lives
ʻCause there comes a time when/ We all need to rise
And then we say it again because/ We all need to rise
Look deep down inside because/ We all need to rise
Raise your spirit to the highest height
And donʼt stop soaring
Track Name: The Square Egg - Woman (featuring Tomas Diaz and Noah Bless)
Sheʼs got mouths to feed and ainʼt much she needs
Except for a strong loving man
Sheʼs got bills to pay/ Sheʼs makinʼ her way
Sheʼs never asked anyone for a hand
She donʼt need hand outs/ I said sheʼs makinʼ her way
Even her beans donʼt burn on the grill
If this woman canʼt make in this city
Iʼm not that sure that anyone will
She has to study the streets just to compete
In her ʻhood they hollering ghetto
The voices of despair are so loud
Sometimes itʼs like the city life wonʼt let go
From the get go born into tenements
Her borough is sometimes like a cage
She tries to make these boys to men
While some drown in their own rage
Ella es una mujer fuerte para sobrevivir
No nesecita para alante para salir
Menos un hombre que la quiera compartir
Ella es bien fuerte para vivir
Now tonight itʼs leftovers for dinner
And tomorrow itʼs leftover leftovers
Sometimes sheʼd get no dinner
Grown up now and made herself the bread winner
She loves her mother but feels she deserves better
Gonna make if this city will let her
If it doesnʼt sheʼll make it anyway
Donʼt wanna be a beast of burden
Donʼt want no more hurtinʼ
Excuses and layoff s donʼt feed these babies
Sheʼs gotta get by someway somehow
Sheʼs all grown up and older
So sheʼs bringing home the bacon now
So continue to build on your daydreams
ʻTil everything is all right and hemmed at the seams
You gonna make it/ All good folk do
So kick off your shoes and live this thing
Track Name: The Square Egg - I Serenade You
I got so much, so much trouble on my mind
From being tired of working, tired of hurting
Often cannot take it anymore
Iʼm sick of going ʻround and around
The people check my ß ow, but what the hell for?
Nothing seems to make sense anymore
Trying to make music with common sense
For common people
Not trying to be equal, but trying to surpass
Wearing on my poor soul/ Will my mind last?
But in the life of the mind
Standing behind a rhyme is reason
And thatʼs you/I serenade/ Songs been played
Lessons been taught/ Iʼm scribbling my thoughts
Like kissing a ß ower blowing in the wind
Oh, the poetry is like showing me new ways to live
Hereʼs the gift I give
Itʼs like milk from your lips with the sunrise/ Iʼm dribbling
Making way/Iʼm delivering a better way
Itʼs like the reason that Iʼm living/ Hereʼs the gift Iʼm giving
Musically bring it down to a clap/ Then right back
Unorthodox to the mind that fails to comprehend
The way I feel about these reasons for these breaths
Stroll through the valley of death
Just to reach the other side
ʻCause on the other side is the source of my power
As sure as I try to maintain this
Maintain a tuned mind
For what keeps my head above the clouds
Iʼm like little girl, little girl, donʼt you run away
Iʼm like listen, listen to what Iʼm gonna say
Iʼm like “ooh” and ainʼt nobody/ Iʼm make the sacriÞ ce
Iʼm doing what I must to make this life right/ Hold tight
Talking to you makes it sensible to me
Lord knows I try to keep my head free
Itʼs like keeping me from doing wrong
The reason for my existence I serenade in a song
You see, the man became simple
When the man became calm
The man had a reason when protecting you from harm
The man dedicated his life and love to his beautiful seed
This is our scene/ You and I weʼre writing the script
Weʼre writing our soundtrack
Iʼve found that something special in my own heartbeat
That keeps me going
You know weʼre going to make it all better, you see
Track Name: The Square Egg - Feels Like Summer
You know I fall into the sky
Then precipitate back down to the ground as water
Itʼs the middle of the winter/ Me and my baby, we kissing
And it feels like a summer in Florida
Maybe a movie will do we so we so hit the drive in tonight
Did I mention that the heater in my car donʼt work?
But you know itʼs like that sunshine
We feel all right/ We cuddle tight
Itʼs like a glowing in my spirit/ A warmth in my soul
When I am without winter nights never been so cold
I grow old waiting on the next sunrise
Which in actuality is just the touch of her hand
Me and my baby bundle up/ We snuggle up
Canʼt get enough, but I know that she understands
(You know it feels like summer)
Like sitting next to a Þ replace
Like when I see her smiling face
Like when I hear her laugh
(You know it feels like summer)
Like if I take a splash in the pool in the summertime
You remind me
(You know it feels like summer)
Itʼs like a day at the beach/ Smiling when she speaks
Itʼs like when I hear her laugh
(You know it feels like summer)
Like if I take a splash in the pool in the summertime
You remind me
Of a block party/ Fire hydrants are all in full bloom
The season consumes my external
But inside it truly feels like summer
I wonder whereʼs the green grass
And can the others feel it too?
The children all play like even on this cold day
Is it me or are the birds truly singing?
My lips are soar from chappedness
Warm loving to combat this seasonal gloom
That consumes my day
A glowing ray of hope knocking on the door to my heart
Saying, “Let, let me in”
So I greet with hot chocolate
It turns to lemonade warming me with a hug and a smile
Knowing just how to sooth me she does move me
The sky is bluer now as the sun begins to bake
On my bronze body still a cold chill
But my lover truly knows how to make it feel like summer
Listen, ainʼt nothing in the world like my Kool-Aid grin
When Iʼm wherever spending time with my baby
Itʼs like a splash in the pool in the summertime
You remind me
Itʼs cold outside, but I manage to put that behind me
No matter the season I feel nice
Even with the rain or as cold as ice
My queen, my mother, my lover
My friend can make it feel like summer
Sheʼs like midday ß ower leaning to the sun
Sheʼs like those animals basking in the warmth
Sheʼs like what grounds me when winter surrounds me
Itʼs cold/Hell, I serenade her too
Iʼm gonna kick back and enjoy this feeling
Even in the winter
The splendor of love itʼs all in the air
Popsicles, tank tops and lemonade
Nostalgic the impression, but thatʼs how true love feels
So off with my mittens bearing my soul
Thatʼs all I know/ She keeps me warm
Its like negative whatever and it donʼt mean a thing
It may as well be 98.6 degrees
Feel the cool breeze rubbing on my nose
I should be inside I suppose
But I got my sunshine on my mind keeping me warm
You know she makes it feel like summer
Track Name: The Square Egg - Something Diff erent
He sits down and he writes at desk in the dark with a pen
and a beat and his thoughts much the same way that
heʼs done it for years, but this time itʼs gotta be diff erent.
Something special ʻcause this could be the last time like
the time before and the time before then. Wondering if
and when these words and phrases that he forms will ever
get through. Now he just channels them like a stream of
consciousness; ß owing from the universe to his mind and
and then to his Þ ngertips to make their way onto empty
pieces of papers. Now the whole while heʼs thinking about
how he loves what he does;watching the world around
just crumble. Say a prayer to God and ask for strength
- just enough strength to help him get through. And since
everybodyʼs got a song what makes his special? What
makes this right? What makes him special? Well, in the
eyes of the One we all are, son. Now Daddy told me that
if I reach just one person and touch one heart, then Iʼve
answering my calling. You canʼt deny who you are, son.
Whatʼs good is always gonna be. To me youʼre more than
platinum; worth more than your weight in gold. No matter
what you sold to me and God you are a superstar. He
said never measure your success by their goals. Never try
to live up to their expectations. Always be true to you/
Simple words he said. And itʼs times like these, son, that you got to be diff erent.

Guitars: Aaron Fishbein/ Bass: Mike Rens
Track Name: The Square Egg - Things Change
When the sun falls and the night sets on the day
When all our worries are slept away
When the skies give way to the pouring rain
When the ground is soaked with eager possibilities
When the love is gone
And all you know is anger and hurt
When you canʼt stand to see him any more
When your cries turn to laughter
After what seemed disaster
Now you speak to me openly about it
When babies grow to men
And those men into murderers of dreams
When we cease to act like human beings
When we spend money on war and excess
But in schools children donʼt have the tools to be their best
When your neighbor takes a gun to his brother
He touched his daughter in such a way
That it stole her innocence
When itʼs Democrats against Republicans
Instead of right and wrong
When people hearing this understand this song
Things change
When the sunrise peaks and whispers in the morning
A new day is dawning
When we begin to play
When the leaves fall from the trees
Giving way to a new season
The ground is covered in red and gold
When youʼre at the park playing ball and shots ring out
Maybe someone needed a hug instead of tough love
When your mother left that man
Because he beat you and your brother
Grandma said sheʼd be better off without him
When my people learn to read
Maybe we can achieve more than just a “Range”
When we can take aim
When a father learns to love his son the way he is
And not for what he wants him to be then we will see
When she gets out of the bed
And she gets it in her head
That God gave her the strength to make a miracle
When I let go of self-doubt
And I am simply the best that I can be
When I am just me things change
Change is the birth of anew/ Change is growth
Change is abandoning old ways and even old values
Change is evolution
Change is resolution/ Change is revolution
Change is determination/ Change is happening now
Track Name: The Square Egg - One Day (Everything Will Be All Right)
I got you on my mind while everything else is fading
But they donʼt understand that kind of lovinʼ
I needed kisses in the morning during the cold, cold winter
And you were right there by my side
Sometimes when it seems that the world around
Donʼt make no sense
You sit me right down and break it on down
You say “Lee, look it here”
“Sometimes fools is just gonna be fools, baby”
So I nod my head and give a grin
Can you pass me the syrup?
It ainʼt as sweet as you, but itʼll do
I Þ nish reading the morning paper
See the troubles in the world
See peace in your eyes/ Happiness in your spirit
And remember that I know God
And that all is well/ Just swell
I just wish that/ Hope that/ Dream that/ One day that...
Everything will be all right
One day the world will turn upside down
Right side up and we gonna get it right
I just wish that/ Hope that/ One day that...
Sometimes I try to understand
When things just donʼt seem to uh make sense to me
People in the this life live day to day without a sense of
It seems so hard to have us sympathize
Maybe words like this ainʼt in our vocabulary
I just wish that/ Hope that
Dream that/ One day that maybe....Well..
Now we elect the elite/ Theyʼre not connected to the streets
They livinʼ in their sheltered lives with their Stepford Wives
How in the world do I expect you to care about
Change in my city?
You never ever travel down there
The closest that you come is the arena
Just to watch them fellas play ball/ Well, shame on you all
If you rebuild the inner cities youʼre rebuilding lives
And with that you change the world
Track Name: The Square Egg - Feels Like Summer (Reprise)
And ainʼt nothing in the world like my Kool-Aid grin
She and I we would ß y to places and spaces
Like I wish I was an ocean so cool and blue
Everlasting and true these emotions
Sultry the ocean air
Warmer and snugger than a bug in a rug
Now thatʼs hip-hop
Feeling like school is out until summer session rolls in
Feeling like I want to say it again

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