2 + 2 = 5

from by Lee



Nacido Libre Music (ASCAP)

Words they get in the way/ And these melodies can’t express how I feel

Waking up each day to a brand new kiss/ With this love I can’t conceal

The world all around is crazy/ Everyone’s losing their brains

But when I’m gazing into your loving eyes, they keeps me feeling sane

Down is up and up is down/ And no one knows right from wrong

I think I’m done trying to save the world/ I’d rather be with you and write this song

Chorus: And if two plus two is five/ Then I’ll just live my life/ And write love songs to you…

Morning print said the fighting stopped/ While bombs keep pouring down

President said we need to save the Earth/ While we pump oil from the ground

TV man said another child got shot/ All for the color of her skin

Preacher man getting too friendly with the kids/ But says I’m the one living in sin

They call that living in democracy/ But not everyone there is living free

They call it the land of plenty/ But tell me why’s there so much poverty?

The words they use don’t make much sense/ Seems to me everyone is lying

They say we trying to make the world a better place, but tell me why’s there so much dying?


Now I gave up - quite a long time ago/ Can lead a horse to water - I had to let those feelings go

Some people they tell me - that the world’s coming to an end/ Well, if this is so I’d rather spend my last days in the arms of my best friend



from 2 + 2 = 5, released February 19, 2017
Flute - Rodrigo Soko, James Antonucci
Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone - James Antonucci, Paloma Schachmann
Bass Clarinet - James Antonucci
Trumpet - Patrick Lennon, Jeanette Nenezian
Trombone -Dan Hendrix, Lautaro Schachmann
Violin - Lucía Herrera, Mariana Alvarez
Viola - Christian Manzano
Cello - Ellen Casey  
Additional vocals: Carol Helper and An Díaz

Wood instruments arranged by Lee and Lautaro Schachmann
Additional vocal recording by Gary Atturio at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY USA



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Lee Brooklyn, New York

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