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Nacido Libre Music (ASCAP)

Chorus: Honey, get on in, now let’s drive/ Gon’ go places you ain’t never been, now let’s drive

Pedal to the metal - top down - now let’s drive/ Filler up - don’t stop - c’mon, now let’s drive

I said pedal to the metal

We got this - wind against our backs/ And the whole world ahead to dream

Honey, let’s - take it on/ Glad I got you on my team

And we got - one life to live/ Now let’s live ’till we die

Say we may not - change the world/ But we sure gonna try

You got - that winnin’ smile/ And pretty eyes to complete

Before you start your revolution/ Knocked me right off my feet

Don’t know if I’m coming or going/ Just want you by my side

So sit your ass in this car/ Honey, get on in and let’s drive


Now tell yo’ momma and daddy - that you ain’t comin’ home

We heading down to a place - where we can be alone

And kiss goodbye to your friends - Tell ‘em we - ain’t coming back

’Til they all get this mess right/ And folks learn how to act

We gonna take that little reprieve/ And go far, far away

We gonna’ live so free/ No matter what folks say

Livin’ the Life of Riley/ I got you by my side

Leave all your troubles behind/ And honey, get on in, now let’s drive



from 2 + 2 = 5, released February 19, 2017
Guitar - Lee
Lead guitars - Martin Yubro
Additional guitar - Gaston Saya
Tenor Saxophone - James Antonucci, Paloma Schachman
Trumpet - Patrick Lennon, Jeanette Nenezian
Trombone - Dan Hendrix, Lautaro Schachmann Additional vocals: Carol Helper, Grace Portillo, and An Díaz

Horns arranged by Lee
Additional vocal recording by Gary Atturio at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY
Additional guitar by Gaston Saya recorded by Alfredo Pinzon at Espacio Apa, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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