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Nacido Libre Music (ASCAP)

And time is winning/ These days - they go by
Do you ever wonder when the time is coming?/ Do you wonder why?

Chorus: Help, I’m drowning/ I’m drowning/ Drowning/ I’m drowning

My emotions are overwhelming me/ I can see my life is slowly drifting away
At times I wonder when - when it all will end/ I can see my life is slowly drifting away


All my senses - keep telling me that I’m still alive

So I wonder how could it be when life passes me by…



from 2 + 2 = 5, released February 19, 2017
Additional bass buitar - Tommy Harron
Percussion - Lee and Juanma Benitez
Additional percussion - Max Padin
Flute - Rodrigo Soko, James Antonucci
Clarinet, bass clarinet, and tenor saxophone - James Antonucci, Paloma Schachmann
Trombone - Dan Hendrix, Lautaro Schachmann
Trumpet - Patrick Lennon, Jeanette Nenezian
Violin - Lucía Herrera, Mariana Alvarez - Violin
Viola - Christian Manzano
Cello - Ellen Casey
Additional vocals - Carol Helper, An Diáz

Strings arranged by Ellen Casey and Lee
Wood instruments arranged by Lautaro Schachmann and Lee
Additional vocal recording by Gary Atturio at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY USA
Additional bass guitar recorded by Tommy Harron at Armazi Productions, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Additional percussion recorded by Martin Longoni at La Vaquita, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Maxi Padin at Estudio Zamudio, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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